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Cara needs hired help for pet bunny

Thursday July 10th 2014

You might think a bunny rabbit doesn't need a lot of looking after but model and socialite Cara Delavingne has had to employ someone to her look after her beloved pet rabbit.

Cara met Cecil the rabbit on a recent photoshoot and decided to adopt him but he is proving to be hard work.

An inside source told The Daily Star that 21-year-old Cara had no idea that a rabbit could need as much attention as Cecil but she would never dream of giving him up so the only other option was to pay someone to help her look after him.

Although it is likely to prove expensive, Cara is showing a responsible attitude to having a pet. People should always take into account what pets need when they get them and make sure they look after them properly. That can often include taking out Pet Insurance to help pay for future vets bills.

Cara plans to attend the V Festival in August and has asked organisers if she can bring Cecil with her. She has even set up Instagram and Twitter accounts for her pet.

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