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Car-buying women 'feel ripped off'

Thursday August 18th 2011

Research has claimed that many women feel they're ripped off when buying a car.

The poll of 1,000 female drivers by retailer Quicks found that more than a third of respondents felt ripped off when visiting a car dealership.

It also found that nearly half of those polled (43%) thought they were patronised by car showroom sales staff when looking around.

A male family member or friend was an essential accomplice on a trip to buy a new car for more than 40% of women polled by Quicks.

More than 25% said salesmen made them feel uneasy when looking at the cars on offer, with a third saying they weren't taken seriously by staff.

Katie Martin, head of operations at Quicks, said: "We know from our own research that, increasingly, women make the decision on what car to buy in the household."

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