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Canny cat found after six years

Wednesday October 10th 2012

A cat that went missing six years ago has been reunited with its owner after she found him walking in the street.

Sixteen-year-old Charlie disappeared from the home of Jo and Ade Haigh in Stubbington, Hampshire, and his owners eventually moved out of the area.

But when Mrs Haigh went to view a house with her mother near their previous home, she spotted the black-and-white feline.

Having taken her former pet to the Stubbington Ark animal rescue centre, where she works as a receptionist, to confirm his identity with a microchip check, Charlie was brought to his new home in Titchfield Common.

Mrs Haigh, 34, who had had Charlie since he was seven weeks old, confirmed he is settling in well.

"I was shocked to start with that I had even come across him," she told the Portsmouth News.

"He's eating and using his litter tray and seems quite content, and slowly getting back into it.

"We haven't let him out again so far. We will eventually, but I don't know when I'll be brave enough."

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