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Canine crowd wowed at New York dog concert

Wednesday January 6th 2016

An acclaimed performance artist and musician has thrown a concert in the heart of New York that only dogs could enjoy.

Laurie Anderson, known for her experimental style, performed music using a special violin made with magnetic tape that played at a frequency only dogs could hear.

More than 50 dogs attended the show in Times Square, with their owners listening through special headphones, according to the Guardian.

The canine critics have yet to give a verdict on the performance, although initial reports suggest that many of the pooches in attendance began to bark in appreciation upon hearing the tunes.

Anderson said that she enjoyed the show, adding that there were so many different types of dogs in the crowd that it exceeded her expectations.

It was the second such concert Anderson has given after a similar gig took place in 2010 at the Sydney Opera House in Australia.

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