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Can you tell what mood your pet is in

Thursday June 25th 2015

Many cat owners already claim to know how their pet is feeling.

But now vets have compiled a list of tips on how to spot an upset pet and what to do to cheer them up.

While some signs of stress are fairly obvious, the vets say, others are far more subtle.

Most owners will realise that excessive grooming or hair loss can be a stress indicator but the scientific review advises them to be alert to other behavioural changes.

Examples, they say, can be a reluctance by cats to explore their surroundings or seeking more solitude than normal.

The review suggests that for some cats even the introduction of a new piece of furniture can put them in a bad mood. The solution, the vets advise, is to remove the cause of the stress or provide the cat with a safe place where it can be avoided.

The scientific review was compiled by vets at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and has been published in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery.

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