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Camilla makes special visit to vets' college

Friday April 29th 2016

The Duchess of Cornwall has met a onesie-wearing Siberian husky and a rabbit called Prince Harry during a visit to mark the 30th anniversary of a Royal Veterinary College (RVC) hospital.

Camilla seemed amused by both encounters as she celebrated the milestone of the RVC's Queen Mother Hospital for Animals near Hatfield in Hertfordshire.

During another meeting with a dog - aptly named Kinggy - it disappeared under her skirt for a split second, when she knelt down to greet it, before reappearing.

The Duchess is patron of the RVC Animal Care Trust, the charitable body that raises funds to support the RVC's clinical, research and educational activities, and she was given a guided tour of the hospital and its facilities.

It is a major teaching centre, pioneering new treatments and procedures, and is the largest specialist referral centre in Europe.

A team of its specialists were the first to successfully treat a dog for the recently-discovered New Forest Syndrome - and Camilla met the now-healthy Alba and its owners.

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