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Calls for reform of Dangerous Dogs Act

Wednesday April 13th 2016

Police have seized nearly 5,000 dogs suspected of being banned breeds from owners in England and Wales in the past three years, according to reports.

The RSPCA is reportedly calling for the Dangerous Dogs Act to be amended due to concerns that it is too wide in its scope.

The animal welfare charity is said to want new laws that ban dogs based on their behaviour, rather than their breed.

Pitbull terriers, Argentine mastiffs and Japanese tosas are among some of the breeds banned under the 1991 Act.

A spokesman for the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs said the law should remain the same and its position was supported by the police.

He said: "While any dog can become dangerous if it is kept by irresponsible owners in the wrong environment, the prohibition of certain types of dog under the Dangerous Dogs Act is crucial to help us deal with the heightened risk they pose."

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