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Caller rang 999 for dog treatment

Thursday July 21st 2016

Pet owners have been warned not to ring 999 if their animal falls ill.

This follows an incident on Tuesday (July 19) when North West Ambulance Service's (NWAS) rapid response paramedics were called to help a so-called seven-year-old "boy".

But when they arrived through clogged roads on the top-priority call in the Manchester area of Levenshulme, they found the boy was in fact a dog, the BBC reports.

The pooch was ailing with heat exhaustion, but the service says the caller blatantly misused its 999 number. The NWAS says such time-wasters should be discouraged so they can concentrate on saving human lives.

NWAS service head Steve Hynes says the call-out could have resulted in a person in need of urgent attention having their treatment delayed. He says that the dishonest caller did not make it clear that the dog he owned was the one in need of attention.

Over half the calls (54%) Greater Manchester paramedics received on the same day did not result in emergency department treatment.

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