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Call to tackle status dogs crisis

Tuesday July 26th 2011

Pet owners are being urged to have their "status" dogs neutered to tackle the growing problem of unwanted litters ending up at rescue centres which are already struggling to handle the numbers.

Animal welfare charity Blue Cross said its centres have to turn away 90% of all bull breeds that are brought in because there are no homes to be found for them.

The organisation spoke of a crisis situation at rescue centres around the country which are unable to care for hundreds of abandoned Staffordshire bull terriers, bull mastiffs and their crossbreeds.

Blue Cross chief executive Kim Hamilton said: "We have a huge welfare problem with bull breeds in this country. There are large numbers being bred and a shocking number being given up and abandoned. We take in as many as we can at The Blue Cross but there simply aren't enough homes for them to go to."

The charity blamed irresponsible backstreet breeding for the situation and called for action against unscrupulous breeders.

Ms Hamilton said the problem of unwanted pups needs to be "tackled at the source", which means neutering the bull breeds.

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