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Call for tougher punishments over dog attacks

Tuesday April 25th 2017

There have been 1,700 incidents in which people's pet dogs have attacked other dogs in just two years, according to latest figures.

The statistics prompted former education secretary Nicky Morgan to call for tougher punishments for owners whose pets have attacked other dogs.

The figures came in a Freedom of Information request brought by Ms Morgan, with 14 police forces responding.

"Between these 14, there were over 1,700 reported dog attacks on other dogs," she told MPs.

"Sussex Police alone recorded 828 such attacks in the past two years, and the force responsible for my own constituency, Leicestershire, recorded 32 incidents of a dog attacking another dog, and an additional 82 cases where a dog attacked both a dog and a person in the same incident."

The MP said she wanted punishments faced by such owners to be brought in line with those in cases where dogs attack humans or guide dogs.

Environment minister George Eustice said there needed to be a review of how the existing laws were applied to iron out inconsistencies.

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