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Call for more action on dog attacks

Thursday May 16th 2013

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee feels the Government is not doing enough to combat negligent dog ownership.

Ministers recently revealed plans to ensure dog owners no longer escape prosecution if their pet attacks a person in a private property. The committee, made up of MPs, backed the loophole closure but wants more to be done to tackle the increasing problem of out-of-control dogs.

Eight people, including six children, have been killed by dogs since 2007, with the NHS spending approximately £3 million each year on treating dog attack victims. In addition, eight assistance dogs and hundreds of livestock are attacked every month.

While the Government intends to strengthen the law in the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill, the committee believes the draft proposals fail to address the wider issues.

The committee's Conservative chairwoman Anne McIntosh said: "The draft Bill's proposals are welcome, but are limited in scope and far short of providing a comprehensive and effective regime for tackling the increasing problem of out-of-control dogs.

"Strong measures to prevent dog attacks are conspicuously absent - in particular targeted Dog Control Notices. The Government must bring together the disparate dog control and breeding legislation into a single, comprehensive Act."

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