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Call for cat owners to protect birds

Wednesday May 14th 2014

Cat owners are being urged to keep a watchful eye on their pet in an effort to protect birds.

The plea from the RSCPA comes after a rare albino blackbird was injured in a cat attack and had to be put down.

It was admitted to the Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre in Cheshire but its fractured leg meant it would not survive in the wild.

RSPCA wildlife scientific officer Llewelyn Lowen is now calling on cat owners to help prevent birds from becoming the target of their pets' natural hunting behaviour by taking a few simple precautions.

He recommends adding a bell to a cat's collar, which alerts wildlife to its presence, as well as limiting a cat's access to the outdoors at high risk periods, such as dawn and dusk, by keeping it locked indoors.

Mounting a bird table on a metal post can also make a difference as it makes it impossible for cats to climb.

Owners can ensure their pets get the best protection by purchasing comprehensive Pet Insurance.

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