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Call for ban to fight puppy farming

Wednesday August 6th 2014

Campaigners are urging the Government to ban pet shops from selling kittens and puppies for profit.

Marc Abraham, the founder of the Pup Aid charity, says buyers can be confident that young dogs and cats have not been 'farmed' if they are adopted from rescue centres and they should not be sold in shops unless potential owners see them with their mother.

The campaign is supported by Battersea Dogs & Cats home, which looks after 9,000 animals a year that are not wanted or found abandoned.

Its chief executive, Claire Horton, says some pet shops are more interested in making a profit than ensuring the welfare of animals and banning them from selling kittens and puppies to make money is likely to satisfy owners that animals are happy and healthy.

Mr Abraham, a vet as well as a campaigner against puppy farming, says it would be difficult to end up with a puppy that has been farmed if it comes from a rescue centre or is seen with its mother. Once owners get their animals it is a good idea to arrange Pet Insurance to cover vets' fees.

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home wants as many MPs as possible to discuss the problem of puppy farming in an a debate in the Houses of Parliament on September 4.

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