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CES: Next-gen gadgets on show

Thursday January 9th 2014

A number of the latest gadgets are being unveiled at the world's largest electronics show in Las Vegas this week.

Among them is a fitness wristband, a smart toothbrush and a messaging service that allows people to communicate with their home appliances.

More than 3,000 exhibitors from all over the world are showcasing their latest innovations at the Consumer Electronics Show, all bidding to attract the attention of 152,000 industry attendees at the event.

LG Electronics used its pre-show press conference to unveil a fitness wristband to monitor a user's heartbeat, calorie consumption and movement, not to mention incoming phone calls and music controls.

The South Korean technology giant also showed off its new messaging service, Home Chat, which allows users to tell their appliances what they need them to do with a single text message. For example, someone could tell the oven to switch off or ask the fridge to check what food it has inside it while they're at the supermarket.

French company Kolibree, meanwhile, is promoting its smart toothbrush. By downloading a free app to connect the brush with a smartphone, users can view data which tells them about their brushing habits.

"The Consumer Electronics Show always provides a fascinating glimpse into our near future," says Sarah Potter, Communications Manager at Cardif Pinnacle. "Gadgets are increasingly playing bigger role in our lives.

"Britons alone spend £9bn a year on their gadgets and lose, break or have stolen more than £1bn worth. As the value and functionality of our devices increases, so does the need to guard against the worst happening."

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