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Bus driver reunites dog with family

Thursday May 5th 2016

A dog left stranded on a bus is back with his owner - thanks to the driver.

Boston the Staffie bull terrier has been reunited with Paulina Rybak following an absence of six days. The separation happened when the four-year-old pooch suddenly vanished in the east London district of Leyton during walkies on April 28.

Amos Paul Mak, the driver, thought Boston had been left there and started a Facebook appeal to locate his true home. It remains a mystery how the pooch got on to the bus, as Ms Rybak says he is frightened of such vehicles.

Ms Rybak's young family and Boston were brought back together after she saw the bus driver's appeal in the Evening Standard newspaper.

Newham Council, which looked after Boston as his owner was being sought, says this story underlines how important microchipping is.

It says the dog and his family would have been together again far more quickly had he been chipped. Ms Rybak has since had her dog chipped.

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