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Bulldog gets replica home at kennels

Tuesday September 9th 2014

Taking your dog to the kennels can be a stressful time for owners and pets alike.

Many send along a favourite toy, blanket or doggy treat to make the temporary separation a little easier to bear for their pet.

But the owners of Igor, a nervous bulldog who had never been separated from them before, went one better by recreating their house at the kennel where he was housed when they jetted off to Thailand.

The Norwegian family arranged to paint the kennel walls the same colour as their living room to help Igor feel at home while also moving in their couch for him to relax on.

A replica coffee table, carpet, blankets, pillows and Igor's own bed provided the finishing touches to ensure his stay at the kennels was as stress-free as possible.

And going to all that trouble is said to have done the trick. Igor is said to have enjoyed his 'holiday' and even felt relaxed enough to make friends with a Saint Bernard called Hera.

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