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Buddy's in search of caring owner

Thursday January 29th 2015

A partially deaf dog with two different coloured eyes is searching for a home after spending two years in a Scottish rescue centre.

Stray lurcher Buddy was taken in by the Dogs Trust in West Calder, West Lothian, where staff discovered he could not hear properly because of a lack of response to commands. He is currently learning basic sign language.

He also has one blue eye and one brown eye as he has less pigment in the blue eye due to a condition known as heterochromia.

The manager of the centre, Susan Tonner, says Buddy is a playful dog and he is desperate to find a new home but he has been overlooked so far. When he does eventually find new owners they would be wise to arrange Pet Insurance" href=>Pet Insurance to cover any future vet bills.

She thinks some people don't like the way he looks but others are not prepared to learn sign language for dogs to be able to communicate with him.

While he has been at the home Buddy, has been helping prisoners learn new life skills.

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