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Brutus force proves internet hit

Monday February 3rd 2014

A cat has made a second home out of a supermarket after becoming a hit with shoppers.

Brutus, a six-year-old tabby, can be seen around the aisles at Morrisons in Saltney, Cheshire. He has racked up 5,000 likes on a Facebook page in his name and counts admirers from locations as far-flung as Sweden, Taiwan and Australia.

Owner Claire Hardy, 31, said the cat used to go to the site of the supermarket before it was built, and always brought back mice and rats.

But after the store was built, Brutus gained a following all his own. Ms Hardy said: "After they built the shop, he carried on going down there and customers spotted him there all the time. Loads of people would stop to stroke him and take pictures with him and there's no doubt he loved getting so much attention."

She said that she decided to put Brutus on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms so that people could send their pictures of the pet. She says she was "astonished" that so many people got involved, and despite the possibility of some shoppers possibly wanting to feed him, she added that Brutus was still as "demanding as he's always been".

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