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Brits unsure of leap from 3G to 4G

Tuesday August 6th 2013

Many Brits are unsure of the benefits of 4G and have no intention of upgrading to it this year, according to Ofcom research.

Almost two-thirds of smartphone users are unsure about upgrading to the faster network service, and are unlikely to do so this year.

Around 22% have no intention of signing up to 4G services and are put off by jargon that does not really explain the benefits of 4G.

Jessica Ekholm from technology analyst house Gartner explained the findings from Ofcom's 2013 Communications Market Report: "4G is new and doesn't mean much to consumers.

"Any technology is intangible - people ask: 'What does it mean to me?' At the moment it's acronym soup. It needs to go viral. It needs people's friends and family to say '4G is fantastic'."

The report did uncover that three in 10 are keen to upgrade to 4G but the binding nature of their existing smartphone contracts means they are unable to. Industry experts, such as Matthew Howett of independent consultancy firm Ovum, claim that eventually everyone will be using 4G, comparing it to "moving from dial-up to broadband".

O2 has plans to launch its 4G service in August to challenge the current market leader EE, while Vodafone and 3 are expected to launch their 4G services later this year.

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