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Brits to spend big on Christmas Day

Friday December 20th 2013

Millions of Brits are expected to put down their mince pies and take advantage of early online discounts this Christmas.

In fact, money-saving website predicts internet sales on the big day this year will actually be the highest on record.

Some of the biggest retailers are due to start their sales on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, giving consumers the chance to avoid the traditional Boxing Day sales rush and get their hands on the latest gadgets.

"We have seen a continuous rise in traffic to our website on Christmas Day over the past three years," said Gareth Robinson, CEO of

"This December we are already up on traffic to our site by 22% in comparison to last year. We are expecting our sales to increase by 50% this Christmas Day, which will be the highest to date."

Consumers set new records for online shopping on Christmas Day in 2012, with a massive 107 million visits made to retail websites. This made it the fifth largest online shopping day of the year and represented a 71% increase compared to the same day in December 2011.

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