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Brits stressed by gadget separation

Monday July 15th 2013

A new phrase has entered the UK vocabulary as over half of Britons (51%) are claiming they feel extreme 'tech anxiety' when separated from gadgets such as their smartphone or tablets, according to new research.

Over a third of Britons (37%), according to research firm Versapak, feel a lack of control, and 41% felt they were worried about not being included amongst friends, when they don't have their device with them.

Only 35% of the 1,245 UK residents questioned said they were not bothered about being away from their communications.

Managing director of Versapak, Leon Edwards, said that being disconnected from technology was becoming stressful for people. We worry about missing out on what is going on in the world of work, social media and news, without the lifeline that our gadgets provide, he claimed.

Mr Edwards added we now have a thirst to be the first people to know and discover certain things, and that the potential consequences of not being has a real impact on people's lives. He added the survey results recorded that 28% of people claimed being without their gadgets made them stressed.

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