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Brits shun dog-averse pubs

Thursday September 1st 2016

Aside from enjoying a swift half pint after work, we're also a nation of dog lovers, with around 9 million dog-owning households in the UK.

Research from, an online dog sitting platform, finds over two thirds of UK dog owners are put off a pub if it doesn't allow dogs and 70% of Britons actively search for dog-friendly pubs.

Nearly a quarter also take their pooch elsewhere if a pub claims to be dog-friendly but isn't.

Our four-legged friends mean so much to us that 98% of Britons say it's important their partners get along with their dogs and 40% would even take their furry pal along with them on a date.

The study of 2,500 dog owners finds that one in three of them struggle to find a suitable pub to take their pooch too.

In a bid to encourage pubs to become more dog-friendly DogBuddy is launching the Dog-friendly Pub Award.

The company wants pub landlords to welcome four legs as well as two.

Richard Setterwall, CEO and Founder of DogBuddy, said: "We're delighted to be announcing the launch of our Dog-friendly Pub Awards, to celebrate the pubs that recognise that our dogs enjoy getting out to their local pub just as much as we do. We value dog welfare and care above all, and these awards will help us to further promote happy lifestyles for both pets and their owners."

Voting and nominations will be open until October 31.

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