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Brits pay 678m each year in uninsured vets bills

Tuesday August 23rd 2016

More than half of pet owners have no insurance meaning they could be left with huge unexpected bills, research shows.

Software developers Aquarium Software says that 57% of pet owners across Great Britain have no Pet Insurance.

Almost half of households in Britain own a pet and the combined annual cost of vets fees is estimated at over £1bn. Pet Insurance providers make a combined annual pay-out of £452m leaving more than £678m uninsured, according to figures from moneysupermarket.

Research by Aquarium Software highlights the case of a dog owner in Scotland who was charged £1200 after her Labrador retriever swallowed a pool ball and a goldfish owner who paid £300 in vets' fees to cure his pet's constipation.

Mark Colonnese, sales and marketing director for Aquarium Software, said: "There's really no need for people to be faced with huge bills and to suffer emotional turmoil when deciding 'is the pet worth it?'

"Many pet owners can be lulled into a false sense of security; their pets seem healthy and well, and so the cost of insurance seems avoidable," said Mark.

However, pets can become ill or injured unexpectedly, and while there are often excellent veterinary treatments available, they often come at a significant cost.

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