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Brits get good deal on smartphones

Thursday July 11th 2013

Smartphone users in the UK are among the most fortunate in the world when it comes to getting value for money from their monthly contract, a report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) shows.

The study, reported by the Times, looked into the cost of owning and using a smartphone and discovered Britons fork out around 40% less than consumers in Germany or the US. People also pay more in South Korea and Japan.

Researchers made comparisons by studying smartphone costs like bundled minutes, texts and data allowances in 12 nations. Australians profit from the best deals, spending just over £20 a month on average.

Brits typically spend more than £26.75 each month on a package that includes 300 calls and 1GB of data, the second cheapest cost worldwide. The UK fell behind France into third for a deal including 900 calls and 2GB of data, although the cost was still less than in the US, Italy and Germany.

The OECD discovered Brits could bring down the cost of their phone even further by buying their own smartphone and choosing a SIM-only deal with cheap data and calls. By making the switch from a contract consumers could save as much as £13.50 each month.

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