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Brits 'discriminate against dogs'

Wednesday January 27th 2016

A BBC presenter has questioned Britain's reputation as a nation of dog lovers ahead of his new TV series which examines the relative merits of canines and cats.

Chris Packham says dog bans from restaurants and shops prove that the UK is "dog-ist". He says this is not the case in France, where pooches sit beneath tables.

The 54-year-old wildlife expert also says dogs' stress levels soar when they are left alone. Packham told the Radio Times that tests for his new Cats v Dogs show prove this.

The programme, co-presented by Liz Bonnin, sets out to find out which animal makes the best pet. Packham owns two miniature poodles. Packham says he gladly shares platefuls of food - as well as his bed - with his 12-year-old dogs.

He describes the species as more important than humans and every other species on Earth, including cats. Packham says his stepdaughter and partner realise their place in their household's pecking order beneath the family dogs.

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