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Britons lose money over dental care

Tuesday May 22nd 2012

The British Dental Health Foundation has found that only 43% of those working in Britain can take time off work to visit their dentist and not lose money from their wage.

Parents fare even worse and only a quarter can take the kids for dental treatment without being hit in the pocket. It was also found that only 7% of workers have received occupational health information from their employers.

Two million people, according to the Foundation, have taken time off work in the last five years due to oral health problems. The Government says adults continue to suffer from tooth decay - around 31% - with 84% having at least one filling, while dental pain is a regular occurrence for three out of 10 people.

Some workers (13%) have been forced to take unpaid time off work to have a dental appointment, and the survey also stated that 29% visited the dentist during their spare time, or even took holiday.

Parents again fared badly, with 62% saying that when taking their children to the dentist, they either have to take a holiday or unpaid leave.

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