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Britain last in dog-friendly league

Tuesday March 6th 2012

Britain is often said to be a nation of dog-lovers but new research has indicated that it may be among the least welcoming countries in Europe for small dogs.

A study of more than 3,000 dog owners across Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain, France and Belgium was carried out to assess European attitudes towards dogs. The results show that levels of friendliness towards dogs in the UK is considerably less than in any of the other countries.

More than half of British respondents agreed that compared to their European counterparts, Britain lagged well behind. Almost of third of French dog owners and 40% of Belgians agreed.

The research shows that only 6% of British retailers were welcoming to small dogs, isolating the UK's 5.4 million population of dog owners who said they would visit more shops and cafes if they felt their dogs were more welcome.

Perhaps most surprisingly, many British respondents said the pub, traditionally an extremely accommodating rest stop for dogs, is increasingly becoming a less welcoming place for man's best friend. Almost three-quarters of dog owners said they now do not feel welcome when entering pubs with their dogs.

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