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Bradford fat cat in diet drama

Thursday March 29th 2012

One of Britain's fattest cats is locked in a weight loss duel with a portly pooch, according to reports.

Bradford-based Fifi Bottomley, who at 9.3kg weighs more than a one-year old child, is taking part in a dieting competition for overweight pets in an effort to halve her current size.

But the challenge is unlikely to be an easy race for Fifi, as she faces hefty competition in the form of Samantha the rabbit, who weighs more than most cats, and a Labrador from Tamworth who is too fat to be X-rayed.

The competition, run by animal charity PDSA, has been dubbed the Pet Fit Club. It will see the snack-happy animals put on a strict vet-designed diet and exercise regime, with their owners keeping track of their progress over a six-month period.

The winner will receive a year's supply of pet food and a holiday for pet and owner to a Perthshire hotel.

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