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Boy's written plea to dog thieves

Wednesday February 18th 2015

A boy who has just started school has penned his first letter asking thieves to return the family dog they stole nearly two years ago.

Four-year-old Ethan Ferrier has only just started to learn to write but he is so desperate to get Fern back that has written a note to the "bad men" who took her, pleading with them to let her come home.

The black springer-cocker spaniel cross was taken from Ethan's farmhouse home in Chessington, Surrey. He has been missing since April 2013.

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Ethan's mum Jodie, 32, says he is just as heartbroken now as he was when they lost Fern. Jodie says she will never give up searching for Fern and Ethan wanted to do his bit too, asking if he could write a letter to the thieves.

Thanks to Ethan's green ink message the campaign is gathering more support through social media under the hashtag #findfern.

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