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Boys: Get a cat to get a girlfriend

Thursday February 13th 2014

A dog may be a man's best friend. But a cat is a man's best chance of finding a partner this Valentine's Day, according to new poll.

Women think men with feline pets have several attributes they find appealing when seeking love, Cats Protection welfare charity discovered in a survey published on Wednesday (February 12). The poll suggests that men should invest in Pet Insurance this Valentine's week and buy themselves a cat.

Six in 10 women in the UK believe that cat-owning men are more caring, making them more attractive as a spouse. Women think cat ownership is masculine not wimpy, with only 27% believing that moggy-owning males are soppy.

Almost half of women (48%) believe that owning a cat augments human relationships, the poll found. It also showed that 42% of women think cat-owning men are more loving, while 44% believe men who have cats are kinder.

BBC Newsround presenter, Ricky Boleto, agreed, saying: "If you're short of a date this Valentine's...consider getting a cat." He said his cat Bella extracts his soft and loving side. Ricky added: "Whenever my fiance sees me chilling with Bella, she wants to curl up next to me!"

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