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Boy reunited with missing cat

Monday November 9th 2015

Screams, cheers and tears accompanied five-year-old Ronnie Cockroft's recognition of his missing cat when he went to find a replacement for him.

The boy made his emotional discovery at Derbyshire's Cats Protection unit - 18 months after his beloved Phoenix had gone missing. Ronnie and Michelle Humber, his mother, were able to recognise their family pet from his microchip details and distinctive wonky ear.

Michelle calls the long-odds experience "amazing", saying that Ronnie could not suppress excited cheers and screams. Phoenix disappeared in May 2014.

The adoption centre's deputy manager, Jane Thomas, says the reunion underlines the value of having a pet microchipped and keeping details updated. She says that Phoenix had just been switched to the Derby-based unit's homing corridor, which is where the pair instantly recognised him.

Centre staff verified that the cat did belong to Ronnie and Michelle by looking at the microchip records.

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