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Boxer dog's binge sparks raisin warning

Wednesday April 20th 2016

Ray, the binge-eating boxer, has sparked a warning about dogs eating raisins after he devoured the leftovers of the ingredients his owner had used to bake a cake.

Jasmine Quick returned home to find the eight-year-old pooch covered in her bake-off ingredients. Ray was covered in sugar and flour and had also consumed a whole bag of raisins, a food known to be lethal to dogs.

Plymouth, Devon-based Ray was saved after emergency treatment at the city's PDSA pet hospital. Mrs Quick rang the hospital after reading that grapes are a poison to dogs.

Erin Beale, a vet for the PDSA, confirmed that raisins, sultanas and grapes are all very poisonous when eaten by dogs. Even small quantities can be deadly, she says.

Ms Beale says Ray has returned to his normal "boisterous" behaviour. Mrs Quick is pledging to keep a more watchful eye over what Ray eats in the future.

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