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'Bowie cat' eyes Vogue appearance

Friday July 1st 2016

A cat's David Bowie-like eyes are her passport to fame and possible fortune. Vogue fashion magazine is to feature feline supermodel Starina Esperanza Silvaz across two pages.

Owner Sazsa Silvas describes her cat as a white fluffy ball with a very pink nose, the BBC reports. Ms Silvas says the moggy has different-coloured eyes - one green and one blue - like those of singer Bowie, who died aged 69 earlier this year.

But Ms Silvas, who lives in Gwynedd, Wales, and London, says that she instantly loved Starina the second she saw her over Skype. Esperanza is Spanish for hope, Ms Silvas told Good Evening Wales on BBC Radio Wales.

The owner says she needed this as her mother, who died in 2015, was undergoing chemotherapy back then. Ms Silvas says Starina has helped to get her over the loss.

A pet modelling agency snapped up Starina after seeing her in a local pet shop.

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