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Bosses voice fears for the economy

Monday December 19th 2011

UK managers have expressed their fears about the economic outlook for next year in a survey by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

The overwhelming majority were negative about prospects in 2012, pointing to the ongoing eurozone crisis, rising energy prices, a lack of economic growth and the government's austerity measures.

Of the nearly 800 UK bosses that responded to the CMI survey, only one in 12 was optimistic about the future of the economy, while more than 400 said they feared being unable to find work if they were made redundant.

CMI chief executive Christopher Kinsella said he was unsurprised by the results given this year's tough trading conditions.

He said: "We started 2011 with high hopes that the economic situation was improving and workplaces would start to feel the effects of recovery. Sadly, it's evident that this year has been one of the most difficult UK managers have ever had to face."

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