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Boa constrictor escapes from home

Friday August 6th 2010

A 6ft snake "as thick as a baseball bat" has slid out of its owner's Essex home via a bathroom window and is on the loose.

The dangerous boa constrictor, which only feeds on other animals, escaped from a house in Barnfield, Wickford, on Friday.

A police wildlife liaison officer is taking advice from the RSPCA and other specialists.

A spokesman said: "Essex Police cannot rule out a risk to the public, however our understanding is that this snake will only feed on small animals. Police have consulted with the chair of the Essex Reptiles and Amphibians Club who agrees that is it unlikely to be a threat to the public."

Owner Aaron Waymont, 22, said: "I'm expecting to see him appear any day soon because he'll be hungry. I've kept a lot of animals in my time but I've never had one go missing before. He broke his glass and found his way out. I think he is going to be up in trees as they provide security."

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