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Blind puppy Lucky to have great dad

Wednesday February 12th 2014

A father and son pair of Border Terriers have formed an extra special bond to help the blind puppy overcome adversity.

Lucky, aged two, has never been able to see as he has no retinas in his eyes, but his three-year-old father, Scruff, now acts as his guide dog. He directs Lucky away from danger and looks after him when he has a bump.

Lucky belongs to 14-year-old Chelsea Leonard, but her 65-year-old grandfather, from Glasgow, sometimes looks after him. He said the family was worried about how Lucky would cope as he was always hurting himself or knocking something over, but Scruff began to take responsibility and protect him while they went on walks.

Mr Leonard said as soon a Lucky bumps into something, Scruff is there to lick his face. Lucky's mother Hazel also plays her part.

The vet charity PDSA has passed on several tips to the family, such as suggesting Mr Leonard should wear bells on his trousers so Lucky knows where he is and putting lemon and lime smells where there are dangers around the home. Dog-lovers are advised to take out Pet Insurance to make sure their remarkable and beloved pets get the best treatment when they are ill.

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