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Blaze-hit dogs' home open again

Tuesday February 23rd 2016

A Manchester-based dogs' home has reopened - nearly 18 months after it made national headlines when dozens of animals tragically died in a fire there. The unit's manager called the reopening a "bittersweet" day.

As many as 60 dogs died during the suspected arson attack on Manchester Dogs' Home on September 11 two years ago. Local residents helped to save 150 dogs, most of which were rehomed at its sister Cheshire Dogs' Home site.

The remainder needed medical attention. All dogs were later adopted.

Animal lovers have since sent £2 million-plus worth of donations to the Moss Bank Road-based service. This has enabled it to reopen makeshift kennels to care for and rehome about 100 pooches.

Steve Mapley, manager of the Victorian facility which opened 123 years ago, says the reopening proved a "bittersweet" day. A couple of boys were taken into custody regarding the initial attack but later released with no charge.

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