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Black cats need love too

Friday August 19th 2016

A charity celebrated B lack Cat Appreciation Day this week to try and find the purr-fect new home for the animals.

The RSPCA has more than 1,000 cats in its centres looking for homes - more than any other animal.

Cats with either black or black and white fur often wait longer to be rehomed than cats with other coat colours.

In folklore, black cats can symbolise good luck, yet sadly some are not so lucky.

Figures show there are far more black and black and white cats in our care than any other colour.

The RSPCA says this could be because they are more common and because ginger and tabby cats tend to have distinctive markings, which could make them look more attractive to some.

But the organisation says black cats need love too

Cat behaviour and welfare expert Alice Potter said: "We would urge people to look beyond an animal's appearance. Their coat colour makes no difference to how much love they have to give.

"Black cats can make lovely family pets. There are many in our care ready for their new home and we would love to hear from anyone who is willing to give them a new life."

The RSPCA has rehomed 2,488 cats so far this year - a slight increase of 3% compared with the same time last year.

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