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Birthday wish to help homeless pets

Wednesday March 19th 2014

Staff at an Oxfordshire pet rehoming centre are praising the kindness of a five-year-old girl who has given all her birthday money to the animals staying there.

Jessica Hargreaves, from Watchfield, Swindon, asked her friends to buy toys and treats for the dogs, cats and rabbits at the Burford Blue Cross rehoming centre instead of presents for her this year.

Her mum, Sofia Hargreaves, said the family had lived in the US and one of her friends there made a similar request ahead of her birthday. She decided to donate her presents to the animals at Burfold Blue Cross because the family's dog Molly came from there 12 years ago.

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Mrs Hargreaves said Jessica asked her friends to bring their presents to her birthday party so she could take them to the centre where they found Molly. She enjoyed her visit to the centre, particularly meeting a rabbit called Dora.

Dora is one of around 150 animals looked after at the Burford Blue Cross centre. Staff said they were touched and grateful by Jessica's generosity and said the animals were already enjoying the gifts.

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