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Bird-watching cat breaks both front legs

Wednesday October 28th 2015

A feline bird-watcher has broken both front legs in a 40ft fall while going about his hobby.

One-year-old Shinji was observing his feathered friends from the kitchen window in the Newcastle-under-Lyme suburb of Clayton in Staffordshire when he fell.

Vets left him standing on his own four paws again the following day after an intricate operation involving orthopaedic putty and steel fixings.

The PDSA pet hospital in Stoke commended Shinji for his "fighting spirit" and extreme strength. Cats very rarely break both front legs simultaneously, says the PDSA's Duncan Senior.

Hannah Hancock, Shinji's owner, says that the accident will not deter him from pursuing his interest in ornithology.

There should be no repeat of Shinji's plunge, however, as the kitchen windows have been secured and locked, she says.

Ms Hancock added: "I was absolutely hysterical and so shocked at what had happened. I can't thank PDSA enough for everything they've done - they've saved Shinji's life and I can never repay them for that."

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