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Bilingual dog wows Gaelic group

Tuesday September 22nd 2015

An English Cocker Spaniel now boasts Gaelic as a second language after picking it up in just three weeks.

Ginger, who attends a Gaelic speaking class with his owner Neil Smith, 67, can respond to the words for sit (suidh), stay (fuirich), come here (trobhad) and good boy (cu math) in the notoriously difficult-to-learn language.

The hearing dog is the talk of the group at Strone Church in Argyll and Bute, even impressing class leader Elma McArthur, who describes the four-year-old pooch as "very sharp" and "clever".

She claims to have never heard of a dog learning Gaelic as a second language before.

Mr Smith, who attends the weekly class with 23 other people, says he loves to show off Ginger's language skills. He says it has added a bit of extra interest to the class, wowing all of the learners and Ms McArthur.

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