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Best dog photo of the year revealed

Wednesday June 29th 2016

An English pooch with a Russian owner has beaten off around 13,000 other challengers to be the subject of the winning Kennel Club Dog Photographer of the Year contest. Anastasia Vetkoyskaya's picture shows Sheldon, an English Springer Spaniel, going for a morning dip against an atmospheric autumnal backdrop.

Moscow-based Mrs Vetkoyskaya lives with her husband and two children, along with a horse, two cats and three dogs. British photographers scooped three awards.

Jamie Morgan, from Maidstone, in Kent, took the special Dog Portrait prize for his snap of a couple of countryside-loving Afghan Hounds. North Tyneside's Tom Lowe took home the Dogs at Play award for his depiction of Baxter the Westie coming out of Loch Lomond.

Preston-based Michael Higginson's shot of Esta snuggling up to brother Dale won the Assistance Dogs and Dog Charities section. The annual competition sets out to find the best canine photograph from across the world.

This year's entrants included dogs sea rafting, playing in snow, contentedly snoozing and snuggling up to owners. Contestants were asked to submit their photographs into one of eight categories, including playful dogs and working dogs.

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