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Beckham's dog enjoys 2,000 flight

Monday January 18th 2010

The Beckhams have spent £2,000 on flying David's British Bulldog to their Los Angeles home, it has been revealed.

The pup, which must have racked-up a high pet insurance premium, was bought a first-class ticket for the flight home - provided by a specialist service. Wife Victoria bought footballer David the dog, named K9, as a Christmas present.

Victoria was returning to the US with sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz as David joined his new AC Milan teammates in Italy.

Pet transportation company PetAir was used to transport K9 the 5,500 miles across the Atlantic in a journey which is said began with a posh meal at celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay's house. The gold standard airline service enjoyed by K9 included a ticket, a custom-made wooden travel container with bedding and water, and a pre-travel health exam.

A source close to the Beckhams said that David's dog had already experienced the luxury which will be a part of its everyday life. The source added: "It's been fed by the UK's leading star chef and has now been in total comfort to LA."

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