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Beckham swaps football for homework

Friday April 23rd 2010

Rather than finishing off the Italian Serie A and preparing for this summer's World Cup in South Africa David Beckham has been helping his kids with their homework.

The England and AC Milan star ruptured his Achilles tendon playing for the Rossoneri against Chievo last month and is now recovering from an operation on the injury. Experts say it could be between three and nine months before he is ready to play again.

With financial difficulties following the injury far from his thoughts, Beckham's main concern will be getting fit to take to the pitch again - with time running out on his glittering career. But for most ordinary people suffering such a set back, just managing to get to work to pay the bills would be the major worry, which is where sports injury insurance can be a real help.

His wife Victoria said he needed something to take his mind off football after his hopes of a fourth World Cup were shattered.

Posh, who was attending a glitzy charity event, said she had left the stricken England midfielder "hobbling around" at home.

She said: "He's doing really great. I left him on homework duty - so he's there right now finishing off the homework as I had to rush out.

"He's doing really great. It's incredible to have him home, he's happy to be home.

"He's on really great form, really great form. He's hobbling around the house, poor thing."

Victoria also confirmed that the footballing hero still plans to head to South Africa this summer.

She said: "Yes, he's still going to go to the World Cup.

"All the players - both in England and in Milan - have been so sweet and so supportive, but it's just so great to have him back."

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