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Battersea's unluckiest dog finds a home

Thursday October 27th 2016

A greyhound who spent almost three years in Battersea Dogs' Home's kennels has finally found a new family.

Bud, who has been dubbed Battersea's unluckiest dog, was adopted after being featured in Paul O'Grady's ITV show, For the Love of Dogs.

In total he stayed with the charity for 1,000 days - 33 times the length of the average stay - and had to watch 5,500 other dogs come and go.

But now, Bud has found a home with Ian Corns and family in Kingswinford, West Midlands. Mr Corns rang Battersea after seeing Bud on TV and falling for his personality, which reminded him of his old Collie, Rune.

"Now we've got Bud we can't believe he's been looking for a home for so long," he said.

"He fits in so well already. He loves being involved in whatever the family is doing and we've all fallen in love with him."

Staff at Battersea, who were at a loss as to why Bud was so often overlooked, are delighted that he has found a new home in time for Christmas.

Battersea Old Windsor Centre Manager Kaye Mughal said: "He's such a wonderful dog with a great personality. But as soon as Bud appeared in Paul O'Grady: For the Love of Dogs the phone started ringing off the hook."

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