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BBC set to cut 2,000 jobs - reports

Thursday October 6th 2011

The BBC is set to cut up to 2,000 jobs as part of changes aimed at making savings of around 20%, according to sources.

The corporation will today hold a series of meetings with its staff across the UK when it will reveal details of its Delivering Quality First initiative.

Director General Mark Thompson will unveil details of the cuts, with industry sources indicating it is likely that around 2,000 jobs will be lost.

Mr Thompson and the chairman of the BBC Trust Lord Patten will speak to staff for around an hour at 10am.

The BBC committed itself to saving billions of pounds from its budget after the annual licence fee was frozen at £145.50 for six years.

In an internal message sent to staff earlier this week, Mr Thompson said thousands of them had made comments and proposals over the past nine months as part of the process.

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