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BA flights to screen pet channel

Tuesday August 12th 2014

Dog and cat lovers will feel right at home on British Airways flights thanks to a new, dedicated in-flight channel.

Paws & Relax will be available on headrest screens on long-haul services from September and is designed to enhance the wellbeing of passengers, according to Richard D'Cruze, BA's in-flight entertainment manager.

He jokes that it may sound like a barking idea to some, but studies suggest viewing images of pets can actually make people feel happier.

And the channel won't just show footage of actual cats and dogs playing, but cartoons featuring the animals too.

There is no doubt owning and being around pets improves wellbeing, as many studies have shown that it can boost self-esteem and be of huge benefit to people who suffer with anxiety, depression, loneliness and stress.

The Delta Society says positive interactions with animals can help lower blood pressure too. Pet owners can look after the health of their animals in return by taking out Pet Insurance" href= target=_blank>Pet Insurance to cover vets' bills.

In July BA started showing 'Slow TV' programmes on its flights. One of them features an entire, unedited train journey from the Norwegian capital of Oslo to Bergen, which is seven hours long.

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