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Awareness week puts rescue pets in the spotlight

Tuesday May 9th 2017

Animal lovers are being urged to take in a pet as part of Scottish SPCA Rehoming Week 2017.

The awareness week, which runs until May 14, will promote the benefits of rescue pets and the importance of rehoming them.

The Scottish SPCA says it helped to rehome close to 6,000 pets last year, but its centres still have plenty of animals in need of a new home.

The organisation is now promoting the hashtag #RescuePetsMakeGreatPets, to encourage people to spread the word on social media sites.

Further information about rehoming a pet can also be obtained from the Scottish SPCA's website, which has a dedicated rehoming section.

A so-called social media 'thunderclap' will take place this coming Friday (May 12), which will encourage as many people as possible to spread the word that rescue animals make great pets. And pet owners are also urged to post pictures of their furry friends on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

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