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Arty hound is 'Leonardo Dog Vinci'

Tuesday March 22nd 2016

An arty dog has been given the nickname "Leonardo Dog Vinci", although his works are more like Pablo Picasso. Abstract artist Dagger II unveiled his uncanny talent after repeatedly nudging keeper Yvonne Dagger while she was in her painting studio, The Telegraph reports.

The Labrador, whose owner hails from Long Island, US, was so persistent that one day Ms Dagger asked him if he wanted to paint.

The mutt's tail began wagging furiously and she substituted the command "push" with "paint". The result was amazing.

Now one of his works hangs above couple Ethan and Brittany King's dresser after being in transit for nearly 3,000 miles. The Kings dubbed him "Dog Vinci".

Dagger II's paintings have even raised money for the Canine Companions for Independence, a non-profit dog assistant group.

The pooch happily holds his brush in his mouth while looking quite the old master with his beret placed firmly on his head.

Some experts think Dagger II is the finest dog artist of his generation. Dagger II has always been gifted, having been trained to push open doors and drawers and hold various items between his jaws. He came to live with Ms Dagger after finishing his spell as a service dog.

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