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Army hit by more enforced job cuts

Wednesday June 13th 2012

More than 1,000 members of the armed services are being told that they have lost their jobs as part of cost-cutting measures in the defence budget.

Approximately 30% of today's confirmed 3,800 job losses are compulsory redundancies, with the Army bearing the brunt of the majority of those losses with 2,900 soldiers leaving the service in the second tranche of redundancies.

In addition the Ministry of Defence acknowledged there remains "some way to go to bring the size of the Army down to 82,000" and it has yet to decide how to go about meeting that figure.

However, Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said the introduction of alternative measures such as slowed recruitment means fewer people than expected are losing their jobs in the RAF and the Royal Navy.

The news comes as the UK continues to face up to the difficulties of its double-dip recession and in the current climate many workers across the country might wish to consider taking out Income Protection cover.

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